Course curriculum

  • 01

    Somatic Rest, an Integrative Restorative Yoga Journey and Training

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  • 02

    Integrative Restorative Yoga Practices

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    • Practice for Opening the Heart

    • Practice for Reflection and Digestion

    • Practice for the Back Body and Hips

    • Somatic Movement Practice for Connecting with Resource (long practice)

    • Somatic Movement Practice (short practice)

    • Full Demonstration of an Integrative Restorative Yoga Session

  • 03

    Integrative Restorative Yoga Foundations

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    • How do we use Restorative Practices as a tool for Embodiment?

    • The Art of Listening and Adaptation

    • Supporting with Props

    • Ayurvedic Perspective and Response

    • Language and Breath

    • Samskara, Resource and Bhavana

    • Tools for Dissociation

    • Attunement, Coregulation, and Following the Nervous System

    • Observing and Responding to the Body

    • Responding to the Body's Shape and Rhythm

    • Finetuning the Session

  • 04

    Integrative Restorative Yoga Movement Postures

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    • Ayurvedic & Yoga Therapy Foundations for Facilitating Somatic Movement for the Kosha

    • Exploration of Movement within Downward Facing Dog

    • Demonstration of Supporting Movement 1-1

    • Experience Supportive Movement

    • Windshield Wipers

    • Arm Clocks

  • 05

    Integrative Restorative Yoga - Seated Postures and Forward Folds

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    • Supported and Reclined Bound Angle

    • Supported Wide Legged Forward Fold

    • Supported Head to Knee Pose

    • Supported Seated Forward Fold

    • Seated Supported Forward Fold

    • Supported Child's Pose

    • Supported Standing Forward Fold

  • 06

    Integrative Restorative Yoga - Backbends, Chest Openers and Inversions

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    • Inverted Staff Pose & Supported Bridge Floor Variations

    • Babbling Brook

    • Skinny Bolster Work

    • Legs up the Wall using a stool

    • Legs up the Wall Pose

    • Supported Shoulderstand

  • 07

    Integrative Restorative Yoga - Supine, Twists and Side Lying

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    • Sleeping Child

    • Savasana

    • Reclined Hero Pose

    • Reclined Big Toe Pose Variations

    • Seated Twist

    • Supported Child's Pose Twist

  • 08

    Hands on Assisting and Thai Yoga Massage Integration

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    • Integrative Bound Angle

    • Integrative Bound Angle - A Second Look

    • Integrative Wide Legged Forward Fold

    • Integrative Standing Forward Fold

    • Integrative Seated Forward Fold

    • Integrative Child's Pose

    • Integrative Frog Pose

    • Integrative Crocodile

    • Alternative to Pigeon to protect knees

    • Integrative Pigeon Pose

    • Integrative Bridge Pose

    • Integrated Inverted Staff Pose

    • Integrative Surfboard

    • Integrative Fish Pose

    • Integrative Sleeping Child's Pose

  • 09

    Intro to Cranial Holds and Ayurvedic Energy Work for Integrative Restorative Yoga

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    • Ayurvedic Energy Work for Integrative Restorative Yoga

    • Supporting the mind with Cranial Techniques

    • Cranial Release 1

    • Cranial Release 2

  • 10

    Certification Requirements

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    • Course Requisites for Online Students

    • Course Requisites for Students who intend the 3-day in-person module

    • Course Completion

    • Documentation of Hours

    • Filmed Restorative Yoga Class Submission

Tuition Options

This 65-hour training is an accredited certification program. Canadian students will receive a T2202a tax form for tax reimbursement purposes. You may utilize RRSP funds for your tuition. Students who choose the payment plan option need to indicate if you are planning to attend in-person training.

  • $980.00

    Online Training Tuition

  • Payment Plan

    Payment Plan

  • $980.00

    Jan 5-7 2024 Port Alberni, BC

  • $980.00

    Jan 9-11 2024 in Calgary, AB