The Art of holding space

“The Art of Holding Space took me on what was a beautiful journey into my deepest self. It showed me where my patterns came from, the root that caused them and how they were manifesting in my life. Beyond that, it helped me to see them as they really are and let them go. The module is presented in such loving and compassionate way, and all the tools Stefani gives us throughout it are incredibly powerful. They allowed me to finally see the beauty of being here being me. . . . ”

Zobeida Fisher

“Stefani’s “Art of Holding Space” online course not only teaches the student to hold space for others, but teaches us to honour ourselves first and get in touch with our authentic selves. The tools she gives to you, help uncover the answers your body knows already. This practice can be used over again in our day to day life. An extra feature of the course was Stefani’s meditations and her one on one support which helped to navigate through this incredible journey of self discovery.”


“I am eternally grateful to Stefani Wilton for taking the time to put this course together. I am now able to live with a sense of being free and I have reclaimed my body, my mind, and my spirit in every manner one can do so. I had no idea what it would be like to live from this place of peace. I went in one person and came out a completely different person. In gratitude”

Marie Bélanger

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